Monday, December 2, 2013

My Go-To Everyday Face Products

Hello there!

Today I am here with a new kind of post and I will be talking all about my go-to everyday face products.  Sometimes I change these products out for others, but the majority of the time and when I am in a rush, these are the products that I reach for. I am not quite sure what I was thinking when I numbered them, so they aren't exactly in order of application, but you get the gist of it right?

1. The first thing I do (or sometimes the third or fourth, but I try to make it the first) is put on a lip balm to give my lips time to hydrate before putting any lipstick or gloss on.  I have been keeping the Nivea Lip Butter in Vanilla & Macadamia Kiss in my everyday makeup drawer.  This smells wonderful and hydrates and softens my lips really well. 

2. The next thing I use is this Urban Decay b6 Vitamin Infused Complexion Prep Spray.  I got this in a kit from Sephora recently and so I have been using it every day that I wear makeup under my foundation but over my moisturizer.  I love the way this feels, similar to all of their other sprays.  It says it is redness reducing, pore minimizing and oil absorbing.  I definitely can tell that it is oil absorbing.  I am not too oily in the first place, but I do notice that my makeup stays on really well, and I don't get shiny at all throughout the day.  I haven't really been paying attention to whether or not it is redness reducing (i'll have to pay attention from now on) or if it is pore minimizing.  I don't have really large pores to begin with though. 

3.  Next step is foundation, and I have been currently using the Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation in color 160 Fresh Beige.  I think this is my second or third bottle of this foundation. I like that it is light feeling, but gives enough coverage to even out my skin tone.  I have only recently noticed that it does start to oxidize a little bit shortly after I apply, but I have been trying to combat that by blotting my face with a tissue immediately after I put on my foundation.  I think this was helping quite a bit, however, I have just started to try out a new foundation that I will be reviewing very soon.

4. For some reason or another, I decided to number my items out of order, oh well.  Since I picked this bad boy up, I have just been in love with the Nars Guy Bourdin palette.  There are 4 blushes, a highlight and a bronzer.  This has been my go to for all three of those products.  It is just so easy, because they are all in this one palette. I love the Nars Laguna bronzer, which is included in this palette and I love all the shades of blush.  I can pretty much get any kind of look with them. 

5.  I would actually apply my concealer, the Maybelline Fit Me, before I apply any bronzer or blush.  But I have had this concealer for quite some time, and as you can see, this one is almost empty. I like this concealer because it has enough coverage to conceal the little darkness under my eyes I have, but it also does a great job at brightening up that area as well. 

6.  Last, but not least, is the Beauty Blender.  I have been loving this little guy for about a year now and just hopped on the Beauty Blender Lovers bandwagon.  I never knew a sponge could be such a life (or makeup routine) changing product.  The sponge is unlike any I have ever had, it is so soft and squishy and it doubles in size when it gets wet.  It applies foundation like a pro and gives that natural look.

Those are my go-to everyday face products.  I hope you guys enjoyed, look out for the follow up to this with my go-to everyday eye products.  

What products do you like to use everyday?


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