Thursday, December 12, 2013

December POPSUGAR box!

Hello lovelies,

Can you believe there are less than two weeks until Christmas? Where has the time gone?!  Sometimes I really just wish time would slow down so I can enjoy life a little bit more.  Anywho, before we get too deep, I got my December POPSUGAR box in the mail the other day and I wanted to get it up for you guys today.  

As we all know, December is the month of holidays and parties and just celebrating the year.  This months box has all of the things you need for all the celebrations.

Must Have Fashion | Lulu Frost for POPSUGAR Bracelet | $110

It's a fact of life: a girl can never have too many jewels.  Be the first to rock this gorgeous Lulu Frost bracelet made exclusively for POPSUGAR.  

Beloved by celebrities like Olivia Palermo, the brand is known for mixing vintage and modern elements to create timeless baubles, and this gem is no exception.  The gold chan and silver charm will keep you sparkling all season long.

Very true, a girl can never have too many jewels.  I cannot even believe that this bracelet is selling for $110.  It is cute, but $110 cute?  I am not a big every day bracelet wearer, but I do sometimes pop one on for a special occasion.  Who knows, maybe i'll find a fabulous New Years party to attend (or throw one) and wear this.

Must Have Home | MIXT Studio Holiday Gifting Set | $9

Time to get wrapping! Dress up all those presents with this MIXT Studio paper set that feels like newsprint but is so much prettier. 

All three holiday designs were made from recycled materials and come with gift tags and twine to decorate.  Think of it as gift wrapping that's just as memorable as what's inside it.  

How freaking cute is this?  I love wrapping gifts, so Christmas is like heaven to me.  Not only do I love to wrap gifts, but I love to dress them up and make them look super cute with ribbon and bows and really pretty paper.  My mom would really appreciate the aspect that this from recycled material, so I may just wrap all of her gifts with this set.  I can't wait!

Must Have Beauty | ModelCo Fibre Lashxtend Black Mascara | $24

Prepare to toss out all your mascaras, because this is the one you'll want to keep forever.

ModelCo's game-changing formula promises clump-free, voluminous lashes instantly because of its glossy texture and added lash fibers.  That means you get the false-lash effect without all the heaviness.  In other words: get ready for a whole lot of compliments.  Plus, we love the handy mirror right there, so you can apply anywhere.

I have actually gotten this mascara is another subscription box a while ago.  I remember trying it out once and not liking it except for the handy mirror on the back (which is genius), so I tossed it into my mascara section of my makeup storage and haven't taken it out since.  Maybe i'll give it another go and see if I like it now.

Must Have Home | Govino Go Anywhere Flutes | $12.95

What if we told you Champagne time was all the time?  Thanks to these genius Govino flutes, you can sip on some bubbly no matter where you are.  

These glasses look like crystal, but they're made from a shatterproof material that's 100 percent reusable.  Plus, they get major points for their elegant shape that's easy to hold.  We can hear those bottles popping already.

I love these!  I love that they have a little indent for your thumb so you're sure not to drop your glass or spill.  Maybe I will throw a New Years get together and I can break these out.

Must Have Food | CC Made Caramel Corn | $4

What's crunchy, sweet, and completely addictive? CC Made caramel corn, that's what.  Baked by hand using organic yellow popcorn mixed with buttery caramel and roasted nuts, it's everything you ever wanted from a party snack - or any snack, for that matter.  

You'll think twice about giving it up as a hostess gift, but either way, you won't go wrong. 

I am really surprised that there is still some left in this super adorable little package.  Wow, does this taste good.  Who doesn't love caramel corn, right? I sure love it, but decided to be good and only eat a little and maybe save some for my husband.  I think I hear it calling me, "Kristen, come and eat the rest of me, I am so delicious." Oh boy.

Must Have Beauty | NCLA Peppermint Lane Nail Wraps | $16

Keep your nails in tip-top shape while you party-hop your way through next year.  With NCLA's red-and-white nail wraps, you can mix and match striped or polka-dot designs for a fun, festive look. 

The best part is they're self-adhesive, making it super easy to keep the holiday spirit right at your fingertips. 

Funny story, I happened to be at Sephora the other day just shopping around and saw these really really cute nail stickers that had a candy cane design and a fair isle sweater design, but decided not to pick them up because they were $16.  Good thing I passed them up, because these showed up in the mail like the next day (although, I still kind of want the fair isle ones)! I will definitely be using these very soon, maybe tomorrow.

Special Extra | Ghirardelli Squares Chocolate | $24.25 for both

This time around, enjoy not one but two sets of velvety treats for Ghirardelli chocolates.  The first bag is filled with creamy Milk & Caramel squares, and the other comes with exciting flavors like Pumpkin Spice Caramel, Peppermint Bark, and Eggnog.  Your taste buds will be pleasantly surprised. 

Who doesn't love chocolate, especially Ghirardelli?! Oh man, the caramel ones are one of my favorites.  I am definitely interest in trying out all of the other flavors, they sound really good.

Total box worth $200.20

Wowza! That is a high value for this box.  I am definitely not disappointed by anything in this box . The caramel corn and chocolate are a given, of course I love those and everything else I cannot wait to try out. 

Hope you enjoyed reading.

What is your favorite holiday candy?


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