Tuesday, December 18, 2012

My first PopSugar box

 Hello again!

So, I recently subscribed to a new monthly subscription service called PopSugar Must Have Box.  I heard about this through YouTube and watching people unbox their boxes and I was just amazed at the products that came in this box! You various items like food, home, health, beauty, ect.po It is a little more expensive at $35 a month, but your box is guaranteed to be worth at least $100.  So if you are interested in seeing what came in this months box click the link to keep reading!

So when you open the box it comes all wrapped up in tissue paper and a cute little sticker that says "enjoy!"

Must Have Home: Bodum Bistro Mugs
These mugs are individually mouth-blown and have two walls of breathable glass that create amazing insulation. They keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold without condensation.  I am pretty excited about these, I love a good mug and these are really stylish and will look great in my kitchen. 
Retails for $25.00
 Click here to check them out!
Must Have Food: Tea Forte sampler box.
This box contains a variety of flavors and are their most popular blends. 
I'm really not a tea drinker, except for chai, so I'm not sure if I will keep this for give it to someone who likes tea as a gift. It comes with 10 different flavors in this super cute box including Earl Grey, Black Currant, White Ambrosia, White Ginger Pear, Green Mango Peach, Jasmine Green, African Solstice, Chamomile Citron, Raspberry Nectar and Ginger Lemongrass. 
Retails for $15.00
Click here to check it out!
Must Have Beauty: Jaboneria Marianella Antioxidant Moisturizing Face and Mody Milk Bar.
Rich with goat milk, cocoa butter, and more to leave your face and skin with a healthy, happy glow.  I am really excited to use this.  It smells really good, they describe the scent as "notes of Moroccan fig apple, bergamot from the Ivory Coast, plum grapefruit and rosewood."  It is a very fresh smell that is the perfect bath smell.  It is a really big bar of soap too, about twice the size of a normal bar. 
Retails for $14.00
Click here to check it out!
Must Have Food: Bogdon's Peppermint Poles.
These chocolate-covered sticks are a classic treat that brings us back to our childhoods. Dip them in your coffee or hot chocolate, savor one as an after-dinner dessert, or enjoy them on their own anytime of day.  Oh my goodness! I love peppermint and I love chocolate! These are super cute, especially for Christmas!  I can't wait to give one of these to my niece and nephews, they will just love them. (I ate one and they were delicious!)
Retails for $3.99 for a box of 21 sticks
Check them out here!
Must have Tech: GoSwype
Thanks to the newly released GoSwype, we no longer have to worry about what we're holding up to our faces when we chat with loved ones.  Keep it in your bag at all times, wipe off your phone with you need to, and breathe easy knowing it removes dirt, oil, grime, fingerprints, and up to 98% of germs and bacteria.  Lord knows I need one of these! My phone screen is so dirty and I cannot wait to use this. And how about the cute lipstick graphic!
Retails for $1.99
Check them out here!
Must Have Fashion: Pinch Provisions Miniemergency Kit.
When you're on the go, there are any number of fashion and beauty emergencies you can run into.  Lost a button? New shoes giving you a blister? Chip your nail polish? This Miniemergency kit has everything you need! There are 52 Solutions packed into this adorable little pouch, including earring backs, double-sided tape, deodorant towels, stain remover, safety pins, and so much more.  You're ready to save the day at any holiday party! I have seen these at Sephora and I wish I had seen these last year before my wedding!  I can't wait to pop this into my purse and be ready for anything that comes my way!
Retails for $13.00
Click here to check it out!
Must Have Fashion: Rent The Runway - $30 off your next rental.
It's holiday party season, and in the age of social media, we know how stressful it can be to find different cute dresses for every event.  Rent the Runway has been our go-to solution for years.  
They have an amazing selection of chic cocktail dresses, sexy minis, and gorgeous gowns in a variety of brands we - and our favorite celebrities - love.  Enjoy this $30 gift card and wow your friends, family, and Facebook following as you navigate your December social calendar. Party on!   I heard about Rent the Runway about a year ago and have occasionally gone onto their site to browse and they do have some gorgeous dresses, but I cannot justify spending a lot of money on a dress that you only have for a few days.  Not sure if I'll use this.  (maybe I can combine this one and the one from my birch box)

And here is something for all of you! $5 off your first box! Enter: REFERFRIENDS 

Total Box Worth: $102.98

I absolutely love this subscription service and think it more than worth the $35 a month.  I love that you get actual full size items and not just mini samples of things and then if you don't like something you can always give it to someone as a gift.  I cannot wait to see what comes in the upcoming boxes!


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