Saturday, December 29, 2012

December Favorites!

Holy Moly! It's already the end of December, can you believe it?! And you know what that means...another favorites blog! Hooray! I don't have too many new favorites for this month because I have been basically using the same products as the last couple months.   I will definitely be using quite a few new products that I got for Christmas or just picked up recently. Well, with all of that said, lets get to it!

Lets start with hair products.  I bought this Tresemme All Day Hold TresGel a couple months ago and I have really noticed that it helps hold my style a lot better than if I didn't use it.  I scrunch about a quarter sized amount of this into my hair when it is towel dried and then style normally.  This especially helps if I am curling my hair or using hot rollers.  Doesn't hurt that it was only like $3 too. 

My next hair favorite is something that I got in my November Birchbox and it is the Oscar Blandi Texture & Volume spray.  I. LOVE. THIS. STUFF.  I cannot even express how much I love this.  I ran out and was like "oh no! How am I going to curl my hair now?!"  I spray this all over my hair when It is dry and rough it up to give it a messy volumized look, or I spray it all over, brush through my hair and then curl.  This stuff holds a curl like no other.  With this, the gel and a bit of hair spray, my curls will last 3 days.  For real, 3 days.  FYI, you can get this at Ulta, and I bought me some. YAY! 

My next twos favorite are body and face products, and they are the Jergens Natural Glow body and face lotion.  I have been loving these lately to give my skin a little bit of a tan and keep me from looking so ghostly.   These products have come a long way from when they first hit the market like 10 years ago.  I like that they have a separate one for your face now that is a moisturizer.  They really do just give you that subtle hint of a tan that looks very natural, no fake orange legs here. 

My next favorite for the month has been my Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray.  I love this stuff and I actually just ran out of this a few days ago and then got a coupon from Ulta for 20% off of your favorite brands and that included Urban Decay, which never happens.  So I ran out and picked up another bottle, which they redesigned and I think I like it. 

Next up, another Birchbox find and it is the theBalm Hot Mama! blush.  It is a pretty peachy pink with shimmer to it. I have been using this almost every day since I got it. It is pigmented, but not overly where you really have to watch yourself when you dip your brush in.  

And my last beauty favorite for the month is from my November Ipsy Bag and it is the Chella eyebrow gel.  One of my must haves when doing my makeup is an eyebrow filler and gel. I have quite sparse but thick eyebrows (does that make sense?) and setting them with a gel is a must do or else who know where they would be!  This one is really nice and gets the job done.  

And my last favorite of the month is the Holiday candle by Bath & Body Works. I pretty much burned this one almost all the way down since I've gotten it.  It has been a really nice wintery/Christmas smell to have in the house. 

And that is it for my December favorites.  Hopefully next month I will have some new stuff in there to recommend.  I hope you enjoyed and had a great December and will have a great New Years!


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