Sunday, December 16, 2012

December Birchbox

Hello ladies!

Holy cow! I actually got my Birchbox super early this month (probably to make up for last month)! This months theme is All Wrapped Up and as you can see, they took that to the design of their box for this month.  How cute is it!   I am pretty excited about this box, there are a lot of good products in here that I am excited to try.  So lets get right to it!

First up, we have the Nick Chavez Beverly Hills Advanced Volume Shampoo - This buzz-worthy shampoo uses an arsenal of hair savers - including hyaluronic acid and keratin - to build body and add shine.  I have used this twice and so far I really like it.  I can't quite make out what kind of smell it has, its like a little sweet but also a little herbal-y.  I do think that this has given my hair a bit more volume and I also like that it is purple because I heard that purple shampoos are good for blondes.  And it isn't too overly priced. 
Full-size, $22
Sample worth: $5.50
 Next up we have the Juice Beauty Stem Celleluar Repair CC Cream - This brand new CC (read: color control) is the ultimate multi-tasker.  The lightweight cream naturally improves skin tone with vitamin C and grape-derived resveratrol.  I really do like BB creams for those days where you really don't want to wear much makeup so I am pretty excited to try this one out.  Not going to lie, it kind of smells like Fruit Loops cereal...interesting.
Full-size, $39
Sample worth: $2.54
 I am very excited about the next product, theBalm cosmetics - Hot Mama! - How cute is this peachy blush? The universally flattering pigment is laced with faint golden shimmer to add warmth to your complexion.  I LOVE blush, and this is such a beautiful color and it is quite pigmented and goes on the skin really nicely. It has a very silky texture to it. 

Full-size, $20
Sample worth: $2.85

Next is the Juicy Couture - Juicy Couture Perfume - Juicy's signature fragrance is a blend of sweet and floral notes.  Sophisticated and feminine, it's a perfect for day or night.  I originally thought I liked this when I sprayed it on the card and smelled it from the bottle, but then I sprayed it on my skin and it smells very different.  It is just a little to floral for my taste.  
Full-size, $19-$89
Sample worth: $1.90
The next item is the lifestyle extra, Chuao Chocolatier - 7-pack Assorted ChocoPod. These bite-sized artisanal treats are made with premium Venezuelan cacao and come in a range of unexpected flavors. I got the maple bacon flavor and I was extremely skeptical about it.  But then I tried it and it was surprisingly good! You can't really taste bacon, but more of just a saltiness to the chocolate which I have always liked. 
Full-size, $7.95
Sample worth: $1.13
 They also included this cute little gift tag that you can put on one of your Christmas gifts.  

Lastly is a coupon for $50 off of your next rental of $125 or more on  If you are interested in using this, the code is BRCHBX50 and is valid until 2/28/13. 

Total Box Worth: $13.92

Now, even though this box isn't worth as much as the past few, I am extremely happy with almost all of the products and really cannot wait to try them all out.  Who knows, maybe some of these will show up in future favorites blogs.


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