Thursday, March 27, 2014

March Beauty Favorites

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I am a little early on this post, but I wanted to get up since I had a lot of these things on my mind and I knew exactly what I wanted to talk about.  I love watching favorites videos on YouTube and reading other blog posts about favorites and they are one of my favorite to post about. I love discovering new products that I end up loving, some even on accident, and I love sharing them with all of you!

March was, eh, an okay month.  I had really high hopes, in terms of weather, but it was pretty much a disappointing month in that category.  I was excited for spring, and while we had a day or two of fairly decent weather (like low 50's), it had just been cold and snowy all month long.  But, with my excitement (and letdown) for spring, my beauty products definitely reflect the changing seasons.  Some of these products are oldies but goodies, some are brand new.  

I have quite a lot of favorites, so lets get to it.

There are three lip products I have been loving this month, the NYX Butter Glosses in Cherry Cheese Cake and Creme Brulee, and Revlon Lovers Coral. I finally jumped onto the NYX Butter Gloss bandwagon, like 6 months late.  But wow, these really are great! They are so creamy and beautifully pigmented and did I mention how amazing they smell? They have a vanilla/cake smell, which is fantastic in my book.  I purchased the Creme Brulee shade first because I wanted something that I would wear a lot and that wasn't a super bold color.  It is a really great pinky nude color that goes with any makeup look. 
Because I loved that one so much, I wanted to get a few more, so I picked out the shade Cherry Cheese Cake.  This is not a color I would typically pick up, nor do I have a shade even remotely close to this in my collection, but orange lips are a huge trend this spring and summer and I wanted to try it out.  I love that this is not straight up orange, but it has a hint of red/coral to it to make it a bit more wearable.  I love the shade, it is so fun. 

Lastly, I have been loving this Revlon lipstick in Lovers Coral.  I only recently picked this up, but I have surprisingly fallen in love.  This is one of those products that I kind of just grabbed because it was on such a good deal that I had to get it.  I have heard a few people talk about this color, but I wasn't expecting to like it as much as I do.  Like the name says, it is a coral shade.  It is right in between being super opaque and sheer and it is the prettiest coral shade with a hint of rosiness to it.  I will definitely be wearing this a ton as my everyday spring lipstick. 

These next two will probably come as no surprise, but I have been in love with the Clinique Cheek Pop Blush in Peach Pop as well as the Maybelline Master Hi-Light Bronzer in Light Bronze. 

First and foremost, Clinique really outdid themselves with the packaging of these blushes, that alone got me to want to buy it, but the color is just such a gorgeous peach!  The glow this color gives me is so fresh and radiant.  I really need to pick more of these up.  Now. 

Now, even though this product says it is a bronzer, I have been using it as a blush for those days when you want something a bit more natural.  It looks so gorgeous on the cheek, the shimmer in it is really gorgeous and the hint of pink is just perfect.  I love to use this when I want to go brighter on the lip, deeper on the eye or just more natural overall. Again, I think I need to pick this up in a couple more shades.  I have not liked a blush from the drugstore this much in a while. 

A couple eye products I have been loving this past month are the Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronzer, Urban Decays 24/7 Glide On Eye Pencil in Demolition and Smog.  I have been in the mood to use products that I haven't in a long time and just get more use out of them since I did buy them.  I love the color of this Color Tattoo, it is one of those that you can wear on its own and look like you put a lot of effort into your look.  It gives just enough definition to the eye and a bit of metallic shimmer. 

I haven't been wanting to wear black liquid liner lately because it can been a little harsh looking sometimes, so I pulled out these two colored liners from Urban Decay to smudge around my upper and lower lash line to give a bit of definition without being as harsh as a black pencil.  Smog is more copper/bronze and Demolition is a deep chocolate brown. 

Lastly, I have finally picked up two shades of the new Revlon Parfumerie Nail polish line.  I remember when I first saw these on the shelves and the bottle caught my eye.  I love how pretty they look.  I was also fairly curious on if they really were scented or not and if it would be obnoxious scented or lightly scented.  I first tried out the peach shade, Apricot Nector and the color was beautiful, opaque with two coats, smells like Fruit Roll Ups when it is dried.  Yes, you read that right, Fruit Roll Ups.  So delicious.  The color Ginger Melon looks so good with my skin tone and I think the scent was kind of fruity, kind of cotton candy-ish.  I would definitely buy more of these.  I currently have them out on my vanity to be displayed because they are so cute.

Those are all of my favorites for March.  Let me know what your favorites are in the comments below!


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