Monday, March 24, 2014

Decorating for Spring

Hello everyone,

I am here today with a little bit different post than what I normally do.  I recently did a little bit of home decor shopping and just sprucing up my home to make it feel more like spring (even though it is still frigidly cold out).  I love decorating my home, but like a lot of people, I don't have a ton of money to do so. My favorite places to find home decor are HomeGoods, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Target and good old garage sales.  You can find some amazing things at all of these places for relatively inexpensive to give your space that extra something.


My husband recently brought me home an orchid plant, which I had been wanting to get and it really kicked off my desire to get the rest of the house in order for Spring.  I love the color on this plant, it is such a vibrant pinky orchid (would't you know) color and it just brightens my mood when I see it.  I set it on top of my Alex nine drawer (from Ikea) which is next to my vanity where I sit and do my makeup everyday.  I also put a black and white photo of me and my two flower girls from my wedding into this cute frame I picked up a while ago on clearance at Kohls, which is another great place to find cute home decor.  In front of the frame I have a mini Lilac Blossom candle from Bath & Body Works and my little elephant ring holder, Henry, that came in last months POPSUGAR box.  I love how light and bright this area of my room looks. 

This area is directly across the room from my front door and it is visible from my front window so I wanted it to be bright enough to notice and pretty to any guests that I have over.  I bought the hydrangeas from Michael's a few years ago and I love having them there to bring some height to the room.  I switch them out based on the season, so I have these pretty light green and purple-y blue ones for the spring and summer.  In front of them is our wedding invitation that my girlfriend framed for me for a wedding gift.  She picked this most beautiful frame and the matting is perfect in the room and I love having that there to bring on those memories.  Next to the frame I have an Interior Design book by Aerin Lauder, the granddaughter of Estee Lauder.  I adored the coloring and the book itself is really wonderful to look at. The shelves are from Ikea.

On the shelf to the right and above I have another Interior Design book (have I mentioned that I have a degree in Interior Desing and that I am a Design Assistant?) and this black hourglass that my husband picked out from HomeGoods that I thought could bring some interest to the room.  I love the contrast from the light walls and that it has black sand instead of white.  The two books it sits on are by my brother Brent Meske and they are absolutely fantastic if you are into reading.  I may do a more in depth blog post on those.  The first book of the series is free if you have a kindle. If you are wondering what the silver item is in the bottom left corner, that would be a skateboarding truck.  Why in the world would I have a skateboarding truck on my shelves you ask? My husband was an avid skateboarder as a teen and young adult, he has since slowed down on it, but still works for a skateboarding distribution company.  I want him to feel like this is his home too, so when he suggested it, I agreed.  I think they are an interesting and unexpected element in the room, and when people come in, they know that he had say in decorating this room.

I put this shelving unit up in our kitchen about a year ago because this wall was so big and so bare and it needed something.  I was in the market for something with shelves that I could put knick-knacks on.  The unit itself is from Kohls, and everything else is from either HomeGoods or Marshalls.  I love shopping at places like those because you can find stuff that is unique and everyone you know doesn't already have it in their home.  I picked up the blue glass jars with the cork top just this past weekend. I am not sure if I will keep them all there or fill them with something, but I like them for now. I decided to go with the pop of citron green when I found the teapot on clearance.  I thought it was too cute to pass up. 

Lastly, these really do not have anything to do with spring, but I have been on the hunt for cuter containers for my flour and sugar.  I came across these at HomeGoods and I didn't end up buying them that day because my husband thought they were too big for our countertops.  After thinking about it for a couple days, I made the room and went back and bought them (thank goodness they were still there!).  I love the way they look old fashioned and more interesting than the typical plastic containers that I had.  They are so much more pleasing to look at, since they sit on the counter in plain sight.

Would you be interested in more home decor posts?
Let me know in the comments below how you like to decorate for spring.


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