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October POPSUGAR Box (AWESOME box!)

Hello there!

I just had to start on this blog today.  When I got home from work today, I saw my POPSUGAR box waiting for me on my front patio! Let's just say I pretty much squeal every time I get one of these boxes.  I get so excited to see what they have sent us.  

This month they did not disappoint.  This is one of my most favorite boxes I have gotten (along with the box that had the beauty blender and the scarf!) They packed so many awesome goodies into this month I just had to get this up right away so I can start using everything and I have a feeling some of these may be in this months favorites blog.

Well, let's get on with it already!

Must Have Food | The Can't Cook Book: Recipes For The Absolutely Terrified! | $27.99

Jessica Seinfeld's brand-new cookbook will help you tackle delicious and simple recipes at home.  If you haven't stepped foot into a kitchen in years or are just looking for fresh takes on your nightly dinners, this cookbook is for you. 

The gorgeous photos and funny, heartwarming anecdotes about Jessica and her family throughout will help guide you through your next culinary adventure.  Your skills will be honed just in time for the holidays.

I am BEYOND excited to get a cook book. I am always looking for new recipes and this is so great for someone who is just starting out in the cooking world.  It gives you basic recipes and new ones to try out.  There is a how-to section.  I have a similar cook book that I got about 4 years ago and I use the heck out of it and have found some favorite recipes out of it. I have high hopes for this.  (maybe I can get my husband to start cooking!)

Must Have Beauty | NYX Cosmetics Liquid Liner and Smokey Shadow Palette | $5.99 & $7.00

Define your eyes with this easy-to-apply liquid eyeliner.  Use the very precise brush to get the thinnest line possible, or go for something a little more dramatic.  

We've paired it with this Smokey Shadow Palette for you to try out a sexy look this season.  The shades all work alone, or they can be used together to create the perfect smoky eye.

I am quite excited about both of these.  I was actually thinking this morning, while doing my eyeliner, that I needed a new liquid liner.  Prayers answered! And I love the colors in this eye shadow palette, it's perfect for fall!  The liner has a brush applicator, which I have never used (only felt tip), so that will be an adventure.  I am loving that the shadows in the palette are mostly matte or satin and there is only one shimmer. I will definitely be using both of these tomorrow.  

Must Have Fashion | Gorjana Charity Bali Bead Bracelet | $45

This delicate, playful bracelet is also ready to do some good.  When someone purchased this bracelet - made in our signature pink color - on the gorjana retail site, 100 percent of the proceeds of the piece go to the charity Breast Cancer Connections.

Wear your pink with pride this October.  

How cute is this bracelet?  I have been loving accessories and just trying to accessorize my outfits a bit more lately and I love this bracelet.  I think this is something I will definitely be wearing every day this month if not after that as well.  Its small and cute, but adds a pop of pink to your wardrobe, where in the cooler months you may not be wearing much color at all. 

Must Have Beauty | Julep For POPSUGAR Duo | $18 & $14

We teamed up with Julep to bring you an exclusive duo for nail polishes - one of the season's best colors and a top coat.  Beyond giving us beautiful and festive manicures, the special Julep formula will help keep your nails healthy.  

The top coat will dry shiny and smudge-free in just five minutes.  And just like that, you're on your way with a new nail look. 

Not even joking, when I saw this, I got super excited and then starting praying that it was going to be a navy color (it was wrapped in bubble wrap so I couldn't see the colors) and it was!  I cannot wait to paint my nails with this and I especially can't wait to try out the top coat if it does what they say! I may stay up late tonight and do my nails after my workout. 

Must Have Fashion | Jane Tran Bobby Pins | $12

Pull back your tresses with style thanks to these Jan Tran bobby pins.  The design is sweet, modern, and colorful but still subtle.  

I am not one to usually use bobby pins, but I am getting my hair cut this weekend (bangs, if I don't back out) and these might come in handy for when I workout or just bad hair days. The color are right on for fall. 

Must Have Beauty | The Wet Brush Brush | $14

We've all struggled to get a brush through our hair after a shower, and now we have the solution for you: The Wet Brush

Our beauty editors showed us this secret weapon, and we immediately knew we had to get it in POPSUGAR Must Have.  The magic of The Wet Brush is in the specially formulated  bristles that eliminate all tugging, tearing, pulling, and ripping.  Even better, our friends at The Wet Brush are making a donation towards the fight against breast cancer for ever brush included in this month's box. 

I am super excited to try this out.  I have seen and heard so many people talk about this and how awesome it is.  My hair can be such a pain to comb out when its wet, especially on the days that I don't use conditioner. 

Must Have Food | The Crispery Halloween Crispycake | $3.95

Handmade, soft, and perfectly gooey, these gourmet crispy cakes from The Crispery will put a smile on the face of your inner child.

Even if you're too old (is there even such a thing?) to be trick-or-treating, you can enjoy this nostalgic Halloween treat.  They're simply delicious and festive, too. 

I cannot like, I love rice crispy treats.  When I saw this in the box, I wanted to eat it immediately, but I waited....until I photographed it for this post.  It was absolutely delicious and I want another one.  I wish they sold these in stores versus online only, that is the only downside.  If you like rice crispy treats, you will most definitely like these. 

Special Extra | Stitch Fix | $20

Try out this fun new personal styling service to get handpicked fashion goodies delivered right to your door.  

Enjoy $20 off your purchase plus a waived styling fee - Stitch Fix away!

I had no idea what this was going to be (because I clearly didn't read the card), but when I went online and figured it out, I signed up immediately.  Who wouldn't love someone handpicking clothing and accessories for you based on your body shape and likes.  You can even link your Pinterest fashion page (if you have one) to give your stylist more of an idea of what you are looking for. I will be getting my box in a few weeks and I can't wait to see what is in there.  I'm not sure if I will use the site all the time, because I do love to go to the mall and actually shop myself, but this is a great site for someone who doesn't have time or simply doesn't like to shop.  

Total Box Value $167.93!

How great was that box!  I cannot believe that I only spend $35 and they send all of this stuff! I love everything in this months box and am so excited to start using everything.  I will definitely do a post when I get my Stitch Fix box in to show you guys what they picked out for me and how it works.

What fashion trend are you wanting to try out for fall?


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