Saturday, July 13, 2013

July Birchbox!

Hello everyone!

I received my July Birchbox in the mail yesterday and I was actually quite excited for what was inside.  This is the first time in a while I have been pretty happy with the box.  

This months theme is "powerplay".  The box is geared towards helping you take control of any situation and make the most of every minute.  

Number 4|Super Comb Prep & Protect|Full-size, $32
A Sulfate-free leave-in conditioner that safeguards color and protects against UV rays.  Mist evenly onto damp hair before styling. 

I have gotten a similar product in a box before. I don't always use a product like this, but I probably should because my hair is so dry and damaged. I tend to think that putting a leave in conditioner will weigh my hair down and will make it greasier faster.  But, I will definitely try this one out and see how it goes.  
Sample Worth|$8.00|Click here to view on

Benefit Cosmetics|Girl Meets Pearl|Full-size, $30
This easy-to-apply highlighter gives skin a radiant finish.  Pat and blend onto cheekbones, forehead, or cupid's bow.  Add to moisturizer for a pretty glow.

I love Benefit Cosmetics and I am always excited to try out new products from them and I already love a few of their highlighters and cannot wait to try this one out.  I may even try mixing it with my moisturizer for an all over glow.  

Sample Worth|$18.75|click here to view on (I do find this quite hard to believe, but I did my research, and holy moly, this little tube is more than half of what you get in the full-size.)

Benta Berry|G-1 Moisturizing Face Cream|Full-size, $22
A French best-seller, this cream both hydrates and purifies, thanks to blueberry and dead nettle.  Morning and night, massage into fave after cleansing. 

I am always up for little moisturizer samples, they are really great for traveling. I may try this out before traveling though just to see how the matifying works.  I don't normally go for anything matifying, but this might be good for the summer time. 
Sample Worth|$3.67|Click here to view on

100% Pure|Nourishing Body Cream|Full-size, $15
Think green juice: This organic formula is full of antiaging ingredients and concentrated moisture.  Massage a generous amount into skin, focusing on dry spots.

Again, these are good for traveling, so I will probably keep them for little trips, but I am curious to know how this smells. 
Sample Worth|$3.75|Click here to view on

Beauty Extra
Birchbox|Bobby Pins|Set of six, $5
We designed these patterned pins to add style to summer hair with minimal effort.  Jazz up simple ponytails, or use to secure errant bangs or layers.

These are too cute! I cannot wait to try these out and create cute hairstyles with them.  

Total Box Worth|$35.84

Overall, this was a great box.  I am really excited about the bobby pins and the benefit highlighter and the leave in conditioner. 

What new products have you been loving for summer?


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