Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Bronzer Collection - Part 1 - Drugstore

Hello there!

I have been trying to find the time to put this post up and I have finally gotten around to it.  I hope to be able to put another of this series up soon as well as some other posts I have been thinking of doing, so keep an eye out for those. 

Any who, today I am writing to you all about my drugstore bronzer collection! Whoo! I love to try out new bronzers and I have been slowly trying to try out more and more. I like them for an all over bronzer as well as to contour.  
NYC | Smooth Skin Bronzing Face Powder | Sunny

This is probably my favorite drug store bronzer out of all of the ones I own.  First off, its matte, which makes it perfect for contouring.  Second, it's only like $3! And third, for being a drugstore brand and being quite cheap, it has a really nice color to it, not orange or muddy. If you haven't tried this one out, I suggest you do.  And what do you have to lose? $3.00?

Revlon | Photoready Bronzed & Chic

I recently picked this up with some CVS extrabucks because I have been wanting to try this out for a while.  Many people rave about this, but it is quite expensive for a drugstore bronzer at $12.99! And while I have only had it for a couple weeks, I would say that this is so-so.  It's not bad, but I would prefer the NYC one over this.  The upper right quadrant of color seems to be quite loose and messy and some of the colors seem harder to blend out than others. I do like that there are 4 shades and you can kind of pick and choose which shades to use based on your skin color.  And it is matte.  I will definitely use the bronzer, because I have it, but for $12.99, I wouldn't buy it again. 

Physicians Formula | Happy Booster Bronzer

Talk about a disappointment.  I don't have any Physicians Formula makeup, but decided to pick this up one day because they were running a really great sale at CVS and I was looking to try out some drugstore bronzers.  I hear people rave about the Physicians Formula makeup all the time, but also that it can be hit at miss and at around $14, you can't always afford for it to be a miss.  I had high hopes for this, but when I put my brush in and swirl it around the little heart shapes beads of bronzer (they are cute right?), almost nothing picks up.  I literally had to take a bead out and scrub it on the back of my had to get something close to a swatch.  I thought this would be pretty for the summertime because it has the darker bronze pieces and the lighter golden pieces with some shimmer to them.  Overall, I am really disappointed in this product and will probably end up giving it to my mom or a friend that might find better luck with it.

Ada Cosmetics | Golden Bronzer

I received this sample in a Birchbox or Glam Bag, not sure which, and I first thought it was an eye shadow, but its not.  It's a bronzer.  A very very glittery/shimmery loose powder bronzer.  I don't think that I would every use this for a bronzer, but would make a very pretty eye shadow.  

Surprisingly, those are all of my drugstore bronzers! I feel like I need to try some more out and give more reviews. I love trying new products out and letting you know how I feel about it.

What drugstore bronzer would you like to see a review on?


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