Sunday, April 14, 2013

April Ipsy Bag!

Hello again!
Its that time of the month for all of the subscription service blogs! I don't know about you, but I am really excited that it is finally spring and I keep praying for warmer weather here. The April theme for Ipsy is Pretty in Pink.  I was pretty excited when I found out this was the theme.  Pink is my favorite color and really? Can you ever go wrong with pink?  Lets jump right in. 

First off, I love the bag.  I love white, I just think it looks so crisp and clean and sophisticated and then you add that splash of pink on the top, perfect.  I will definitely be putting this in my handbag.  The inside is equally as cute with pink and white stripes.  

-two cosmetics Duo Eye Shadow in Heartache. 
This is cute and I love trying out new shadows.  The lighter shade is a satin finish and the darker shade is matte.  I will definitely have to play around with these, but at first swatch they don't come off very pigmented and smooth. 
Full-size, $5.75
Sample worth, $5.75
To receive 25% off and receive a free lipgloss with order use code IPSTER at checkout
-be a ... bombshell Blush in Sweet Cheeks.  This is a really pretty medium warm toned pink satin blush. It seems quite pigmented and smooth feeling.  

Full-size, $16.00
Sample worth, $16.00
To receive 30% off and a free full-size pink shadow use code IPSY30
-Big Sexy Hair Powder Play. I actually bought this a few years ago after my Aunt had recommended it to me.  I have used it a few times, but it does give your hair a dirty feeling to it. It definitely does give you hair volume, but I don't love that dirty feeling to my hair so I use it sparingly, only on special occasions when I need my hair to look great and have body all day. 
Full-size, $15.95
Sample worth, $2.13
Receive $5 off your purchase of $25 or more of Sexy Hair products at or in store use code 108888
Click here to view on
 -Station Nail Lacquer.  This is a light medium toned pink nail polish.  It is not a color I would pick out for myself, it is a little muted for me, but I may try it out, or give it to a friend.  I have never heard of this brand so I am not sure how good 
Full-size, $5.00
Sample worth, $5.00
Receive 20% off with code IPSY30

Total Box Worth, $28.88

And that is the April Ipsy bag! There are something things I am excited to try out, some things I am not so excited about.  But you can't always win with these subscription services, especially when you are only paying $10 a month.  I am pretty excited about the bag itself and the blush.

Do you like pink as much as I do?!


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