Monday, April 29, 2013

April Favorites!

Hello everyone!

As you could probably tell, I did not do a March favorites blog.  That was because I decided to give up buying makeup for lent, and yes, I did last the entire time!  And since I was not buying any new makeup, my routine kind of stayed the same with the same products that I had been loving from the previous month. Well, since lent is now over, I have bought a few new items, some of which I did blog about already in some hauls.  April has been a great month for trying out new items and discovering new favorites.  I am very excited that it is warmer out and I have quite a few things coming up that I am really looking forward to.  Well, without any further ado, lets hop right in!

My first favorite of April has been my Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Mask. I love this stuff.  First off, it smells amazing, like just stepped out of the hair salon amazing. Second, it makes my hair sooooo smooth and silky when I use it.  This is something that I use about two times a week.  If you haven't tried this and are looking for a great mask to give your hair a boost, try this one out.  They sell sample packets of this at Ulta for about $4.00

My next favorite, and possible my most favorite thing from this month, has been the Bath & Body Works shower gel in Wild Berry Tulips. THIS. SMELLS. LIKE. HEAVEN. I cannot get over how great this smells and how great it smells after I'm out of the shower.  This lathers a lot and just makes my shower experience that much better.  I really hope I can get this in the store before they take it out. 

I know this has been in one of my most recent favorites, but I really do love the Jergens Natural Glow for body and face.  I recently picked up the newest formula one that is supposed to have no odor.  It doesn't exactly have no odor, but it doesn't smell bad.  This gives my skin a nice healthy subtle tan and glow.  

My next favorite, again, has been in past favorites blogs, but I just love this little guy so much! The Beauty Blender has completely changed my look on foundation and its application.  This gives such good coverage and a natural finish.  I don't like my foundation to look heavy on my skin, I'm sure no one does, and this is the perfect tool to make sure that doesn't happen.  The sponge is so unlike any other.  I have tried the Sonia Kashuk one, as well as the Ulta one, and they just don't even come close to this. 

This next tool is new and has been all I've been using for blush and it is the Real Techniques Blush Brush.  I definitely need to get more of these brushes.  They are very soft and apply the color evenly. The only thing I don't like about them is how big the base is.  I know it is meant to be able to stand, and that's cool, but I like to put all of my brushes in a container with coffee beans to hold them upright and this one just doesn't fit.  

Next up is a new eye shadow favorite for the past month and it is the Benefit World Famous Neutrals in Sexiest Nudes Ever. I have really been enjoying this for the past few weeks.  I especially love the Creaseless Cream Shadow in Bikini-Tini for an easy shimmery nude all over the lid (sometimes this is all I wear on those lazy days).  I have also really been loving the shade Milk It! for an inner corner and brow bone highlight.  Benefit has great quality shadows and definitely recommend them to anyone wanting to try them out. 

As aforementioned, some days I have been only wearing a shimmery nude all over the lid and on days when I do that, I have been wearing my Mica Beauty Cosmetics black gel eyeliner and winging it out.  This has a really creamy formula and stays on all day and doesn't budge.  

I have a new perfume favorite, although it isn't actually new per say, but I just recently picked it up.  I have been wanting Viva La Juicy La Fleur for ages! Well, I finally picked it up in the duo rollerball form with Viva La Juicy on the other end.  This smells so amazing.  The perfect combination of sweet and floral.  I suggest you smell this the next time you walk by a perfume counter.  You will not be sorry. 

This next little guy isn't really beauty related, but I have been loving my Steripod. It is this little contraption that clamps over your toothbrush after you've used it to keep it sterilized and sanitary.  It is just a little thing that I thought I would mention.  I picked mine up at a vitamin store, but I'm sure you can find them at other places as well. 

My last two favorites are fashion favorites.  First up are the really pretty gold studs that I picked up on clearance at Target a while ago.  These have been my go to earrings for every day.  They just go with everything and look super cute and classy.  

And my last favorite are these cute Merona flats from Target. These are probably the most comfortable flats I have ever purchased from Target.  I usually have to break them in for a few days before they are completely wearable without any blisters or pain, but not these.  These were comfortable from the minute I slipped them onto my feet.  And how cute are they?! They go with everything and give a classic look to my outfit.  

 So those are all of my April favorites! Can you believe it's almost May!??! This year is flying by, but I am really excited for summer and all the activities the warm weather brings.

What have you been loving this month?


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