Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Review: Too Faced Chocolate Bar

Do you like chocolate as much as I do?  It is definitely one of my guilty pleasures that I probably indulge in a bit too often.  Well, if you like chocolate and you like makeup, this product combines them both into one heavenly palette!

If you have not seen this product around, or didn't notice the title of this post, Too Faced came out with a new palette recently called the Chocolate Bar.  I recently hauled this and have been playing with it quite a bit and thought I should give this a proper review for all of you out there. The palette retails for $49 and is available at SephoraUlta and TooFaced.com

Lets dig in...
The packaging is similar to a lot of the packaging of their other palettes.  It is a hard tin, which is really great for travel, and it has a magnetic closure.  I really enjoy this type of packaging.  It is very durable and easy to store and travel with.  This specific palette is made out to look like a chocolate bar which is probably the cutest and most delicious thing I have ever seen. 

On the inside, you have a decently sized mirror, the name of the palette and of course, the shadows.  There are 16 shadows in total, 6 matte and 10 shimmer/glitter. They have made the two lightest shades that might be used for highlighting or all over the lid about 3 times the size of the rest.  I think this was a great move because I know I use those shades the most. 

The colors are mostly neutral with a couple purple/plum and pink shades.  One of the great things about this palette is that it smells like delicious chocolate!  The shadows are made with real cocoa powder.  The only thing I don't like about this palette is that the names of the shadows are not written on the actual palette.  It does come with a clear overlay with the names on it, but its kind of a pain to keep it in there.  

Gilded Ganache: Shimmer. Deep olive brown with gold shimmer. 

White Chocolate: Matte.  Soft cream. Great all over lid color and highlighting shade.

Salted Caramel: Matte. Warm medium tan. Great blending shade.

Marzipan: Shimmer/Metallic.  Shimmery champagne.  

Semi-Sweet: Matte. Deep and rich chocolate brown.  Great outer v color and liner shade.

Hazelnut: Shimmer.  Warm shimmery coppery brown. 

Creme Brulee: Shimmer.  Shimmery light gold. 

Haute Chocolate: Shimmer. Warm brown with gold shimmer.

Milk Chocolate: Matte. Warm medium brown.  Great crease color. 

Black Forest Truffle: Shimmer/Glitter: Deep plum with gold shimmer.  This one is a little crumbly. 

Triple Fudge: Matte.  Very deep, almost black, brown.  Great liner shade.

Strawberry Bon Bon: Matte. Light pink. Great lid color. 

Candied Violet: Shimmer. Bluish purple with purple shimmer.

Amaretto: Shimmer.  Warm metallic copper

Cherry Cordial: Shimmer. Deep burgundy with purple/pink shimmer. 

Champagne Truffle: Shimmer. Light pink-y champagne.  Beautiful inner corner highlight. 

Most of the shades are very soft and buttery.  The ones with more chunky glitter/shimmer are not as smooth, but still beautiful shades.  These are a dream to work with and blend together. I have really enjoyed using this palette to create eye looks for the past month.  

If you like neutral shades and like a variety of matte and shimmer, this is the palette for you.  If you like the smell of chocolate, this is the palette for you.  I almost enjoy this more than my Naked palettes (eek face...).  

If you have not gone out to seen this in person, I recommend going out to your nearest Sephora or Ulta and swatching some of the shades and just give it a whiff.  You will not regret it. 

I hope this was helpful to all of you!

What palette are you loving right now?


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