Sunday, May 11, 2014

Haul: Walgreens, CVS, Bath & Body Works, ect...

And my shopping addiction continues....

I have another haul for you guys today.  Over the past week or so I have gone to a few places here and there and I decided that I would share all the items with you guys! There were some new products out that I had been wanting to try and some things that I needed. 

First up is CVS...

I went to CVS in search for a lighter concealer.  I had picked up the Maybelline Fit Me concealer a week or so ago and I picked up the wrong shade.  Argh.  Well, I definitely needed a lighter shade for my under eyes and Revlon happened to be on sale so I decided to try out the Colorstay Concealer in Light.  So far, so good.  I like the coverage, blendability and the brightness it gives my under eye area. 

As I was perusing the store, I saw one of the displays where they put new products, and in it was the Revlon Photoready Skinlights Face Illuminator in Beach Bronze.  This really intrigued me and because Revlon was Buy 1 Get 1 50% off and I had some coupons, I went for it.  It scared me a bit when I squeezed some out of the tube because it was quite orange looking.  But once I blended it out it turned into this beautiful bronze shade like you had just come back from the beach.  There is some shimmer in it, but I don't really see it when I apply this to my face.  I have been putting this on before my foundation and I think that helps conceal some of the shimmer as well. 

Next, I went to this new Walgreen's a few towns over when I happened to be in the area.  First off, this was the fanciest Walgreen's I have EVER seen.  They even had a higher end makeup area. I really enjoyed just walking around and looking at all the products they were offering.  

I only ended up picking up the new Maybelline Pumped Up Colossal Volum' Express mascara in the shade Glam Black.  I am not sure what the difference between classic and glam black are, but it was intriguing to me so that is what I picked up. So far, I really like it.  I never have the best luck with drugstore mascara, but I am going to be making a conscious effort to try more out.   After I have used this for longer I may do a separate review. 

I recently opened up a Kohls charge card and I had a few coupons to use and decided to go ahead and buy the Taylor by Taylor Swift perfume.  I have been wanting this for quite a few months now and I am so excited that I finally have it.  The scent is described as follows:

"Taylor by Taylor Swift is beautifully crafted from luscious fruits, blushing florals and soft woods. It's an unforgettable scent that's classic yet completely alluring."

It is a more complex fragrance, I cannot exactly pin point one note over another.  This is also one of the most long lasting fragrances I have ever tried.  I can smell this on myself all day long.  I sprayed this around 11:30 this morning and I can still smell it now at 7:30 and I have not reapplied it. 

I have this shirt, just a heathered black tunic t-shirt, that I bought from Target last fall or late summer that I just love.  I wear it so often and it is so comfortable.  I decided that I needed another one like it, so I went in search and came across this plain black t-shirt that is so soft and comfortable.  

I also decided to stop into Bath & Body Works this past weekend and pick up a couple new candles for the spring/summer time and I had originally planned on getting some hand lotion, but ended up coming out without any.  

The first scent I picked up is Garden Party, 

You're cordially invited to enjoy a blend of pink garden roses and pear blossoms wrapped in soft musk." 

This is a beautiful light and sweet floral scent.  I have really come to love floral scents.  They make your home smell so fresh and lovely.  I also love the bright label on this as well as the new lids that have a raised design on them. 

I also decided to pick up another Honeysuckle candle.  I burned through this one last year and I just adore the scent, which is described as follows: 

"Refresh and renew your home with the scents of spring. Sweet honeysuckle, pink peony and a touch of creamy vanilla make any room more inviting." 

Love this one.  Again, the design is really fun and bright. 

Once I saw this candle holder on display I knew I needed it in my life.  I love that it is a short white pedestal and gives your candle something to sit on and be displayed on.  

And we have come to the end of this haul.  I hope you all enjoyed and I am sure I will have another one of these coming to you again soon.

I will be going on vacation in about 2 months to the LA area, would you all like to see posts on what I pack for clothes, skin care, hair care and makeup?  I could definitely do a little series on that.  And I am sure that there will also be a haul following my return. 

I hope you all are having a wonderful day, Happy Mothers day to all of you wonderful mothers out there! 


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