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Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette Review & Swatches

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This post is all about the new Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette. There has been so much hype about this product for a while and I have already seen a bunch of reviews on this, but I thought I would give my own opinion on it anyway. 

Lets get naked...

This palette is the third installment of the Naked series.  I currently own all three, the Naked, Naked 2 and Naked 3.  The whole premise of the Naked palettes is all about neutrals and the different shades to create any neutral look possible.  If you are like me, then you probably wear neutral eye shadows pretty much every day that you wear makeup.  They are easy to wear and you can create simple soft looks all the way to super dramatic looks.  These palettes are my most used out of my entire makeup collection and I love to travel with them because I know I won't need any other shadows.  

The Naked palette was all warm bronze toned shadows, the Naked 2 was cooler toned taupe shadows and the Naked 3 is all about rosy toned shadows.  This one is definitely the most differential from the others because they are all pinky, rosy toned with no color repeats from any others.  There are three mattes in the palette, which I do think that they could have added at least one more, but I love the three that they included.  All 12 shades are brand new to the line.

The packaging of the Naked 3 is the same as the 2 in that it is that hard shell plastic and the palette snaps shut, instead of having a magnet.  This one has more of that rose gold tone to it and has a wavy texture.  I personally like this packaging because I like the heavy duty-ness to it.  I know that nothing will happen to it if I want to travel with it. 

Strange: a creamy white with hint of pink, semi-matte.  I love to use this one has a highlight or an all over lid color
Dust: a light metallic pink with a lot of glitter.  This shade is so pretty, but it is crumbly and has a lot of fall out.  In order for me to use it, I spray my brush with a setting spray and then dip it into the shadow.  I would definitely save your concealer until after you use this one.
Burnout: One of my favorites so far.  A light peachy pink with a satin finish.  This one goes on really smooth and I have been loving this for an all over lid color. 
Limit: Light pinky/mauve matte color.  I have also been really loving this one, especially for a crease/transition color. 

Buzz: A light metallic rose color.  Again, gorgeous color, but tons of fall out and crumbles when you put your brush in it.  Like Dust, I would spray my brush with a setting spray before using this one. 
Trick: A pretty metallic gold with rosy undertones. This one is much smoother than Dust or Buzz, but you really have to dig in to get the color that you are seeing.  It is a beautiful color and I have been lightly layering it over burnout in the center of my lid for a bit of that rose-gold look.  
Nooner: a pinky mauve matte.  Another of my favorites, especially for the crease.  This is very similar to Limit, just a little deeper and more brown.  
Liar: a metallic taupe/mauve.  This color starts the rest of the deep colors of the palette.  It is beautiful to use as an outer v color. I have been really enjoying this color. Slightly chunky and a little bit of fall out. 

Factory: a pinky brown metallic color.  Again, a great color to deepen the outer v.  Smooth texture and easy to blend. 
Mugshot: a metallic taupe with hints of pink. I think this could be a great lid color if you are going for a more dramatic look.  It is not as deep as some of the others and is really smooth. 
Darkside: deep taupe/grey metallic color.  Smooth texture, easy to blend.  
Blackheart: deep smoky black with red glitter/shimmer.  I really haven't experimented with this one a tone, but it is probably the most unique and beautiful.  I think this would look gorgeous as liner or to deepen up the out v for a dramatic look. 

Like all of the previous Naked palettes, this one also comes with double ended brush.  I really never end up using this a ton, but I have actually used this one a couple times.  The brush is okay, not the best I've used.  I really think the smaller end of the brush would be great as a concealer or lip brush. 

This palette also comes with a sample booklet of all of their Primer Potions they carry; original, eden, sin and the new anti-aging.  I might save these for when I am going on vacation since I have about 3 mini tubes of the Primer Potion at the moment. I love this primer, I tend to use it only if I know I am going to be going somewhere immediately after work, or for a night out/special occasion.  

Overall, I am love love loving this palette! I love the rosiness to all of the shades.  There a few I could do without, but I pretty much like them all.  I am having so much fun playing with all of the shades and coming up with new looks.  Even though I have the other two, I feel like I will get tons of use because it is so different from the others and all of the shades are new. 

I give it 2 thumbs up!

Do you own any of the Naked palettes? Which is your favorite?


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