Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Empties: Products I've Recently Used Up.

Hello there!

I have been having trouble lately, coming up with ideas for posts for my blog. An empties post is all that I came up with this week since this bag was pretty full.  If you have any suggestions on what I could do posts on, please leave a comment!

These are all of the products that I have used up since my last empties post back in the fall.  I think that you'll find that a lot of my empties this time are repeats from the last one, because I clearly really enjoy that product.  

Lets dig in!

First up I have two hair products, the Garnier Fructis Pure Clean Shampoo and the Garnier Fructis Volume Extend Dry Shampoo.  This is the first bottle of the Pure Clean shampoo that I have gone through and I really like it for getting all of the build up out of my hair.  I only use this once a week because it can strip your hair if used more often.  I have already repurchased this and it is currently in my shower.  I have also used up two bottles of the dry shampoo.  I have cut down on how often I use this, just because since I have bangs, I wear my hair in pony tails more often and I don't need this as much as if I was going to wear my hair down.  I still really like this and currently have a bottle in use at home. I am interested in trying out the Batiste dry shampoo since everyone raves about it.  Have you tried it? Is it really that good?

Per usual, I have two packs of the Yes To Grapefruit exfoliating makeup wipes.  I absolutely love these, if you can't tell from my past empties posts.  They are saturated enough and have a really nice and refreshing smell.  I have already repurchase and will continue to repurchase these until some miracle product comes along to push these out. 

I finally finished my first bottle of the Philosophy Purity cleanser! It took over a year to use this up, which I thought was amazing as this is around $20 for a bottle.  I really love this stuff, it is really creamy and gentle and does a great job and cleansing my face.  I have already repurchased this (probably showed in a haul a while ago). 

Another product that took me about a year to finish up was this Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter body butter.  I used this sparingly because I didn't want to run out very quickly.  It's overly expensive at $20, but it is still enough for me to not want to go out and buy it all the time.  This has a really nice subtle fresh and floral scent and does wonders on my skin.  I will definitely repurchase this in the future, but for now I am trying to use up lotions that I have at home.

It was a sad sad day when I used up this Bath & Body Works Wild Berry Tulips shower gel.  This is by far my favorite scent that they have ever come out with, but you can't find it any more (insert sad face).  I had never really used shower gels from B&BW before, and boy was I missing out.  They smell amazing and the scent actually lingers for a while.  If I can find this again, I will definitely stock up, but for now I am just using a Philosophy one that is okay. 

Remember when I said I was trying to use up lotions I have at home, this is one of those.  I have had this Aveeno Skin Relief lotion for a while and pulled it out when I finished the Soap & Glory one.  I liked this, but it is not my favorite.  I am currently using a Body Shop body butter that I am liking a lot better. 

I have a few makeup products that I have (finally) used up.  I have been really squeezing every last drop out of the Smashbox Photo Finish Light primer.  I really liked this, it felt really nice on my skin and definitely helped my makeup last.  I also have a mini of the Smashbox Photo Finish regular primer.  This one has more of that silicone feel to it.  I think I would purchase the light over the regular, but I have a ton of other samples of primers to use up before I even think about buying one. 

I also have a mini of the Urban Decay B6 Vitamin Infused Complexion Prep Spray and a mini All Nighter Setting Spray.  I have already repurchased the All Nighter Setting Spray.  I have only been using this for occasions when I know I need my makeup to last longer, so I have not been using it for every day.  I would really like to purchase a full-size of the Complexion Prep Spray because I think it was really reducing the redness I have on my cheeks.  I love Urban Decay sprays because they feel so great when you spray them, oh so refreshing. 

I used up this mini Benefit It's Potent! Eye Cream. I thought this was okay, nothing really special for me.  I think I will try out a different eye cream next. 

I finally had to toss out this Tarte Lights Camera Lashes mascara because it was definitely time for it go, probably past time.  I love this mascara, it is definitely my favorite at the moment.  It is a wetter formula, but not overly wet where it gets all over the place.  It gives my lashes amazing volume and length.  I have already repurchased this, but I am currently trying to use up some of my other mascaras and really get an opinion on them.  

Lastly, I thought I would throw in these three perfume samples that I have used up.  You know I like a perfume if I actually use up the sample.  I usually toss them into a dish and never use them again.  These have all been quite nice.  I used up the DKNY Pure, Juicy Couture Couture La La and Coach Poppy. 

Those are all of the products that I have used up since the last empties post.  I think I am making a New Years resolution to use up more of the products that I have around my house before going out and buying new ones.  It feels really good to use up a product, you know that the money wasn't wasted and it makes room in your drawers.  

What products have you used up recently?


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