Thursday, January 23, 2014

January Ipsy/MyGlam Bag

Hello there,

It is that time of the month when I get all of my subscription boxes in! I actually got all of them on the same day this month.  Weird, but also very fun! 

This months Ipsy theme is "19 Reasons 2014 Will Be Amazing".  January is all about resolutions and ways to improve life for the upcoming year and that also seems to be the theme of all of my subscriptions boxes. 

Lets open this bag up!

1. MicaBeauty Tinted Lip Balm in Natural | Full-size, $30

We have gotten a few products from this brand and I have enjoyed what I have tried out and I will definitely get use out of this.  It is a lip balm, but it has more of a matte finish to it, while still hydrating.  I like how creamy it feels and the color is really nice for every day, kind of a rosy mauve.  

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Sample worth, $18.75

2. Briogeo Don't Despair, Repair! Deep Conditioning Mask | Full-size, $26

I love to use deep conditioning masks on my hair since I color it and becomes very dry.   I love the little container this came in.  Thumbs up for great sample packaging.  It doesn't smell as nice as my current deep conditioning mask, but I will definitely be trying this out to see if it works as well.  

Use code IPSYJAN14 to receive 20% off any purchase at thru 2/15

Sample worth, $4.95

3. Yaby Liquid Foundation in Buff | Full-size, $13.99

I am always up for trying out new foundations.  This color might be a little bit too light for my skin tone, but we shall see.  It feels more like cream foundation than a liquid, but it feels nice and smooth.  I am actually surprised to find out that this little tube is the full-size.  It seems quite small and more like a sample size.  

Use code 201401IPSY20 to receive 20% off any Yaby purchase at thru 1/31

Sample worth, $13.99

4. Proactiv+ Mark Fading Pads | Full-size, $?

I am definitely curious about these little guys.  I don't have a tone of marks on my face, thank goodness, because I have never had bad acne.  I might actually give these to a friend who has struggled with acne and has scars because of it.  I think she might appreciate these more than I would.  I couldn't find a price on these because Proactive only sells their products in specific kits and not individually. 

Sample worth, $?

5. Epice Purifying Exfoliant | Full-size, $32

I LOVE to exfoliate.  It feels so good on my skin when I do it, so I am really excited to get an exfoliater.  It has just a fresh clean, skincare smell to it and the exfoliates are very small, it almost feels like a microdermabrasion kit, but not quite as harsh.  

Receive a free Epice Hydrating Facial Cleanser with any Epice Purifying Exfoliant at thru 2/15

Sample worth, $9.70

Total Bag Worth, $47.39

Overall, this was a pretty good bag.  Not the best, but definitely not the worst.  I am really excited for the exfoliator and deep conditioning mask.  I could take or leave the tinted lip balm and the foundation.  

Do you subscribe to any subscription services?


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