Thursday, June 20, 2013

June Birchbox!

Hello again!

It is that time again, time for my monthly Birchbox blog post!  If you don't already know, Birchbox is a $10 a month subscription box where you get 4-5 delux beauty samples.  It is a great way to try out high end products without splurging up front on a product you are unsure about. Also, if you can't already tell, Birchbox updated their logo and box.  Personally, I don't love the logo, but I do like the new box (it's black and white chevron on the inside).

This months theme is wanderlust, all about traveling and great products from near and far that will be great for your summer travels. 

LAQA & Co. Lil' Lip Duo - Full-size, $16 for 2
A Birchbox exclusive, these pencils have a creamy texture, satiny finish, and minty kick.  One coat gets you a pretty wash of color, two gives you a serious pop. 

Sample worth - $8.00
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This really caught my eye when I first opened the box.  It is such a pretty color for summer and is really creamy and moisturizing. I think I got the color Pinkman, but I can't be completely sure as there is no indication on the lipstick anywhere.  I am definitely excited to wear this.  It seems like it may have a staining quality to it as well.

Birchbox + Color Club Wanderlust Collection - Full-size, $8 for 4 mini polishes

Exclusive neon pastel shades inspired by four of our favorite cities.  Two coats will give you an opaque, glossy finish. 

Sample Worth - $2
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I was definitely hoping for the purple or the coral, but I received London Calling, and bright pistachio green color. I think this is the first green nail polish I now own.  This is definitely a color I would not choose for myself, but it looks okay on, extremely bright. The only issue I have with it is that there are some air bubbles, but I'm sure I could fix that by working with it more. 

suki Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser - Full-size, $32.95
Two-in-one cleanser and exfoliator that magically lathers and smells deliciously lemony.  Massage a nickle-sized amount onto damp skin, then rinse. 

Sample worth - $2.06
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I love to exfoliate and I love the smell of lemon, so I am definitely looking forward to using this.  You can really see the exfoliating bits in this sample and I think it is going to do a nice job and really scrub away the dead skin. 

Davines Love Smoothing Shampoo - Full-size, $24
A gentle shampoo packed with moisturizing Indian fig extract and olive oil.  Use daily to soften and nourish stubborn strands. 

Sample Worth - $7.50

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I am always up for trying out new shampoos and my hair could use some moisture.  It has a light scent, but I can't quite think of what it is.  

Beauty Extras
Davines Love Smoothing Conditioner - Full-size, $27.50
Rich, aromatic conditioner formulated with nourishing borage seed oil.  After shampooing, work a small amount through hair, concentrating on the ends. 

Sample Worth - $1.43

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Like everyone else usually says, I really don't like these type of sample packages because it is really hard to get more than one use out of them, in turn making it difficult to judge whether or not you like the product.  I will probably save this for when I travel because it will save space. 

Divines Oi/Oil Absolute Beautifying Potion - Full-size, $40.00
An antioxidant-packed potion to instantly tame frizz and strengthen hair over time.  Apply 2-3 drops on damp hair to target frizz, or on dry hair for extra shine. 

Sample Worth - $1.00

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Again, with the terrible one use packaging.  But anyway, I have been enjoying oils for my hair lately in my quest to moisturized, shiny healthy hair. I'm sure I will give it a go after all of my other samples are used up. 

Total Box Worth - $21.99

And that was my June Birchbox!  I am definitely most excited to try out the lipstick and the exfoliater.  

I have actually been thinking about cancelling my box for a few months now, but I just can't come to a conclusion on whether or not I should.  On one had, it is only $10 a month and really, what's $10 a month to try out some new products.  On the other hand, I feel like I just haven't been that exciting out any boxes lately and their worth compared to Ipsy is just puny. 

What do you guys think?  Keep or cancel?


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