Sunday, June 2, 2013

Blush Collection - Part 2 - Drugstore Powder Blushes

Welcome to part 2 of my blush collection! I will be showing you all of the drugstore powder blushes I own and a mini review on each one. I love blush, I think it is my favorite piece of makeup.  They are so pretty and colorful and can really enhance your look.  I hope you enjoy!

Miliani - Luminoso

This is a really pretty peachy pink blush with shimmer in in.  This is one of those blushes that looks good with just about everything and it gives you a nice subtle glow. It is nicely pigmented and is not chalky. 

Wet n' Wild - Heather Silk

I picked this up, along with the next one, after hearing so many people rave about these.  I really thought I was going to love them, and they are okay, but not my favorite.  They are extremely pigmented, so use caution when putting your brush into the pan.  I have found that while they are very pigmented, they are very hard to blend out and I can often see patches on my cheeks that look a bit darker.  This color is a darker pink and is matte.  I will have to give these another go, but as of right now, they are just okay for me. 

Wet 'n Wild - Mellow Wine

As I said above, these are super pigmented, but hard to blend out.  Use with caution.  They are a really great deal for the price.  This one has the teensiest bit of shimmer to it. 

ELF - Candid Coral

Talk about great deals, if you are just starting out in makeup, these are a great blush to start off with.  They are inexpensive at $3 and are fairly sheer, so it's kind of hard to apply too much. They are a little bit crumbly, but overall are fairly smooth.  This color is a natural peach with some shimmer to it. 

ELF - Twinkle Pink

Again, these are nice because they are inexpensive and sheer, great for beginners.  This color is a light pink with some shimmer to it.  

Mary Kay - Sparkling Cider

I have had these next two blushes for about 4 years, wow. This one used to be my favorite every day blush. It is a fairly dark peachy bronze color that gives you a really natural flush. This does have a little bit of shimmer. They are just pigmented enough to give you right amount of color. These blushes feel so soft and smooth when you put them on and they are easy to blend.  

Mary Kay - Strawberry Cream

This color is a medium pink with a teeny bit of shimmer that almost doesn't show up when you put it on.  Again, like I said above, very soft and smooth and easy to blend. Nicely pigmented, but not overly so to be cautious when putting it on. 

And that is it for my drugstore powder blush collection.  I am always on the lookout for new blushes so if you have any recommendations, please comment below!

What is your favorite blush?


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