Monday, September 16, 2013

September Birchbox

Hello there!

I am back, as promised, with some new posts.  Today I will be showing you all what came in my September Birchbox and I will be working on some other fall type posts for later on in this month and next month, so keep an eye out for those.

This months theme for Birchbox is Heritage.  What is your story? They are looking into various brands histories and how they got started.  

amika | Blow Up Spray | Full-size, $24
Lightweight mist that adds lift and major shine for the perfect blowout.  Spray on damp hair before blow-drying.  Use on dry hair to restyle or for a light hold.

I am pretty excited about this.  Anything that claims it will help give me a great blowout and give me shine AND hold, I will try out.  I love the size of the bottle as well, it is something that will actually last me a while so I can form my opinion on it. I will definitely be using this asap. 
Sample worth | $6.00
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Caudalie | Make-up Remover Cleansing Water | Full-size, $14-28
Rich in soothing botanicals, this silky fluid gently sweeps away dirt, oil and makeup.  Morning and night, soak and cotton bad and run across face and neck - no need to rinse.

I have heard so much about cleansing waters, especially Bioderma which is next to impossible to get here in the States, so I am pretty excited to try this one out and see what all the hype is about.  I most often use make-up remover wipes to get my makeup off at night, but I think I will be replacing them with this little guy for the next couple weeks.  Props on the size of the bottle as well. 
Sample worth | $4.25
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Ruffian | Nail Lacquer - Hedge Fund | Full-size, $10
Metallic green from the fashion label's first lacquer collection.  Exclusive to Birchbox! Apply two coats for a glossy finish, then share your #RuffianManicure

I have been seeing this color everywhere and I could not be more excited to try it out for fall! Unfortunately, the photo doesn't do it justice.  This is such a beautiful, almost duo-chrome, green/gold.  I was looking for a nice fall green color for my nails the other day, but couldn't land on one and then this little thing showed up! Couldn't be more perfect.  Hooray for a full-sized product!
Sample worth | $10
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Coastal Scents | Eye Shadow | Full-size, $34-39
Four complimentary shades that can easily (and beautifully) take you from day to night. Sweep preferred hue over lids for day.  Layer shadows for a more dramatic night look.

Now, I do love more affordable eye shadows, but I thought Birchbox was supposed to me more high-end luxury products.  I do not consider Coastal Scents high-end by any means.  The shades are pretty and I will probably use these for a pretty fall look, but I don't typically love their shadows.  They just don't stand up against my Urban Decay shadows.  

Sample worth | $1.76 (around $0.44 each)
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| Beauty Extra |
Egyptian Magic | All-Purpose Skin Cream | Full-size, $26-38
Celebs and health professionals alike swear by this all-natural, all-purpose salve.  Use to moisturize, fight wrinkles, and treat burns and bruises - that's just the beginning. 

Like I have said before, I am not for the foil, one use packages.  I just don't end up using them for the most part.  I will probably stow this away somewhere and forget about it.  Maybe I'll put it up in my medicine cabinet and use it if someone burns themselves. 

Sample worth | $0.95
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Total box worth | 22.96

There is my September Birchbox! I am really excited to try the blow-out spray, the make-up remover and the nail polish. 

What new products have you tried out recently?


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